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What grace! What poise! What beauty! Our Park Jimin is such an incredibly talented person. His dance skills are seriously amazing!
So let us see what this boy can do with his body!
Look at that flexibility!
I love when he does flips and other cool things like this, because they just blow my mind!
We cannot forget how fabulous he is when he is killing those Girl Group Dances!
...Oh yeah...he can definitely do those...
He is just so smooth! He is practically gliding across the stage!
Now let's get really into the actual full dances with some videos!
In this compilation video you will find: Pre-Debut Jimin dancing, solo dance practices, some stage clips (including MAMA 馃槣), and a couple of TV clips.
And here is a sexy dance compilation video of Jimin...which I would HIGHLY recommend. 馃槈
And finally, here are two beautiful contemporary dance cuts of Jimin. I mean, they are REALLY beautiful.
If you do not want to be tagged, let me know.
If by chance anyone would like to be added to the list, let me know as well!
To all of you V stans out there, be sure to check out @CamrynCherry 's 30 Day V Challenge Cards. They are awesome! I know I love me a little Taehyung action!
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