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Hey guys, back with more baseball updates to help you get ready for the MLB season.
The NL West made a lot of noise this off-season due to heavy spending and moves via free agency. What was once a race between the Dodgers and the Giants is more of an open competition between all teams.
Who do you think will come out on top this year in the NL West?
The Colorado Rockies have one of the best hitting teams in baseball, but the reason they can't turn the corner has always been that pitching at a high level has been optional over the past decade. In order for this team to turn the corner, they need to begin investing in quality arms, despite being in a hitter friendly park.
The Padres have a solid group of veteran arms but struggle to create offense. They just don't have enough talented bats to push themselves over the top. This team will be sellers at the trade deadline, shipping off veteran arms to acquire young hitters to fix their offense for years to come.
The Dodgers have a nice mix of vets and young guys. I really like the balance this batting order has. Pitching will be key, they have the best pitcher in baseball in Kershaw, but didn't fill the void of losing Grienke in free agency. If they can find a way to acquire a couple solid arms, this team could make a push as well.
The Arizona Diamondbacks may be the most improved team in baseball this off-season. They have been quietly adding and grooming players for quite sometime now, and may be ready to turn the corner. Grinke is an ace, and Shelby Miller is a lot better than what people think. Paul Goldschidmt is one of the most dominant hitters in baseball. They have also done a great job surrounding him with hitters that spray singles. This could be a coin flip.
With that being said, the Giants keep plugging away and playing great baseball. Yeah they don't make a lot of the splashy moves that other teams make, but they find their guys and get them to play at a high level. Their pitching staff is incredibly deep and dangerous. While their hitting isn't the most explosive, they do enough to get the job done.
Who is your pick to when the NL West and why?
This ones easy. Giants.
@kyleberke I REALLY like the direction Arizona is heading in, that injury today to Pollack sucks though. With that being said, they have enough on deck to make some noise this year
oh the cutie pie
As much as I love Arizona, I think the Giants are better.
Giants, diamondbacks, dodgers, padres, then rockies...
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