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Steven K Smith should win an award. He made one of the best looking Orc cosplays I've ever seen in my life. And honestly, the thing looks more like a statue or a life-sized collectible than a suit someone can actually put on and walk around in.
I mean, it looks so good that it makes me think that it could probably be in the WarCraft movie that's coming out eventually. I can only imagine all the looks he would get walking around a convention floor in this outfit. It's breathtaking and astounding.
I left some more pictures for you to check out below but if you're itching for more (or a whole gallery of how he made the thing) you can check out his Facebook page.
@Animaniafreak yeah I can't believe it. it's amazing
That's pure love man, look at craftsmanship! The hours he must've put into it, hats off to him.