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Shout out to my girls! @Lexxcisco @ScarletMermaid @JosalynnStyles @jessicaacosta90 thank you for continuing to do this with me! As always, thank you @JosalynnStyles & @Lexxcisco for getting me to do this in the first place. DAY 12- MALE BIAS(ES) By now I'm sure most of you know who a majority of my bias(es) are (Thunder Buddies I'm looking at you), if not then after this card you will. For the sake of time, space, & the safety of my feels I will keep this card to the bare minimum, pics & names only. *Takes a moment to mentally prepare* Alright! Lets do this!
1- Seo Taiji 2- Jun Jin 3- Danny Ahn 4- Moon Hee Joon 5- K.Will 6- Rain 7- CNU 8- Se7en 9- Hongki 10- G-Dragon
1- Brian Joo 2- Lee Minho 3- JR 4- Yongguk 5- JB 6- Jin 7- Key 8- Jang Hyunseung 9- Jay Park 10- Suho
1- Lee Joon 2- N 3- Yoseob 4- J-Hope 5- Heechul 6- Leo 7- KHJ 8- Taehyun 9- TOP 10- Jun.K This feels like a good stopping point... *debates continuing* No! Nope! Stopping here, otherwise this card will never end lol.
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