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“You ladies ready for food?”
“Yasss!,” Jak responds, heading over to get the jacket she’d thrown off. You look over in time to see him give a little giggle and shake his head.
“Can I go change my clothes first? I’m feeling slightly undressed,” you comment looking at them.
Jak turns to you, “You look fine. I’m jealous.”
Jiyong nods at you, “She didn’t let you change after your flight?” At the shake of your head he reaches over and pinches Jak, “Where are your manners?”
Jak looks offended, “What manners, this is [YN]! We’ve been friends since we were 5! If she’d wanted to change, she would have just gone and changed.”
Jiyong looks back at you; “Let me show you where the guest room is.”
You can hear Jak holler after you, “Hurry! I’m starving!”
The restaurant was nice, not really fancy but they were definitely known here. It was like being an outsider, watching the popular kids back in school again. Everyone wanted to say hello to him and he acknowledged everyone. With growing respect for him you notice how he pulls Jak to his side before acknowledging anyone. He wants people to acknowledge them, not just him. You wonder how often they actually go out since this is not something Jak is comfortable with at all. You watch her smile, nod, and offer a hello to each person. His arm tightens a few times and you now understand that the arm is also there so she doesn’t run away.
Within minutes of reaching the table, different people start arriving and taking seats. Jiyong introduces you to everyone; there is no way you will remember their names. The last to arrive takes a seat next to Jiyong, directly across from you. You remember that his name has ‘song’ in it and an il at the end. He looks vaguely familiar but you can’t place him. He simply nods at you and starts a conversation with Jiyong.
Jak nudges you for attention, when you look over she’s flipping through her phone. After a minute she smiles and turns with a smirk. “Remember when we were in school and I sent you a picture of glorious abs during religion class?” She flips the phone to show you a black and white picture from a music video.
You smile, “How could I forget, I about died! I was hoping no one was look over my shoulder.”
She shrugs, “Unless it was a guy; it would have made her day too!” She nudges you again and motions with her chin to Kyungil next to Jiyong.
You look back at her phone and back across at him, “That’s him?”
She gleefully nods and puts her phone away as Jiyong reaches over and takes her hand. He addresses you, “I’ll just order for everyone, it’s kind of what we do here. You can use chopsticks?”
As you nod you notice a snicker from Kyungil across the table. Wow, he made be hot but what happened to those manners Jiyong was spouting about to Jak?
While tasting the different dishes, you glance over to see him looking at how you’re holding the chopsticks. He keeps shaking his head at you and repositioning his own as if to show you the correct way.
You deliberately ignore him, who does he think he is?
Revelry Introduction is before this. I didn't tag anyone but it introduces you to your best friend Jak, and why you're in South Korea.
Ahem*coughs* Abs! hehe😉
okay so I decided to read it even though I still don't know History that well. your writing is addictive.
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cool, I had to re-read the first paragraph trying to figure out of jak was a girl or boy
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