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Hey Nakama!

Here's the latest update for the Nakama Campfire Challenge!
You know those moments in anime that you know you've seen a million different times, in a million different iterations? Moments where you're just like, "Ugh, I can't believe they're doing this again. It's so cliché"
Well that's what we're talking about here. Here's today's prompt for the Nakama Campfire Challenge!

What anime clichés do you hate the most?

Personally, I'm so tired of the 'Accidentally grabbing boobs' Cliche. Like, how many times are we gonna see this same, lazy comedy? It's supposed to be 'funny' and awkward, but at this point it just seems kind of self-serving. It's lazy. Even when they try to subvert the meta, they still feed right into it.
So dumb, so lazy.
Also an extension of the 'accidentally walking in on a girl in the shower' cliche.
Definitely, that shit is way overused. I loved how they did it in D Gray Man though where the train stops and as Allan is about to accidentally grab Lenalees boobs *cut scene* Lenalee put her suitcase on her lap real quick *suitcase to face* I wasn't expecting it, so that was refreshing.
Yes, when Inuyasha walked into Kagome-
I really agree so far the only anime with out those types of cliches is death note there is probably more
eh no, not really. If you accidentally touch someone thats not sexual assault even if the person claims it is. Yea its cliche but it dont mean assault. In the real world if you were falling and you grabbed a girls breast or landed on her they're usually understanding about it, or at least the girl that I accidentally fell on was. I couldn't help it my hand landed on her chest I just fell. The way the woman always acts in anime with a punch to the guys face calling him a pervert is definitely out of touch with the resy of society.
@AshChrimson rape seriously lmao definitely not XD
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