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It's the weekend and you have a date with a guy you're meeting for the first time. You're going to your favorite restaurant and the only thing you can think about is what you're going to order. You've never had a probably eating in front of guys and you never understood why some women did. Fast forward to the evening and you're at the restaurant. Your food arrives and you eat like it's your last meal with not one care in the world. The guy is staring at you the entire time, you could care less. Will there be a second date? You're not sure, but if he can't accept you when you're at your hungriest -- he can't accept you at all.

Ladies, do you have a problem with eating in front of your man?

if you're not eating, we're not dating. end of story
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If someone makes you feel self conscious about eating DITCH THEM
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I'm eating, period. If I'm hungry and want food, which is like 99.987 of the time, I'm gonna eat. Especially if it's a carb filled cheesy greasy goodness called burgers.
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it never bothered me, it means she's comfortable around me to be herself
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I don't care about WHAT I eat in front of them, I just try to be clean about it because I know myself and I'm a hella sloppy eater when I'm not paying attention lol.
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