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Hey Vingle Nakama!

Yesterday's Nakama Campfire Challenge was all about those clichéd moments in anime that we have gotten really tired of seeing over and over again.
Today we're flipping that around and talking about the clichés that we actually enjoy, those repeated tropes that have become cliché because they're a good thing.
Today's prompt:

What anime clichés do you love?

Personally, I love form changes. They always strike me as weirdly funny, because you'll get to a point where one person will logically win over the other, only to have the loser scream about how they've only been using like 1% of their power.
Lol, okay friend. Let's see the weird cucumber monster you become next.

Remember to make your cards with {NC} in the title to participate in the challenge!

And tag myself and the support team so we can see them and I can clip them!

I like when I think my favorite character is dead. But he comes out of nowhere safe and secure.
I'll soon make my top 4 picks. Haha this is fun