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(From Left to Right) Wonjun, Suwoong, Minsu, Sunwoo, and Sungjun Members:  >Wonjun/Onejunn, >Sunwoo, >Sungjun, >Minsu, >Suwoong Fan Club: Royal Family Debut: June 5th, 2013 Label: Universal Music Group Music Videos (Official Videos): >Party Rock (전화해 집에),  >You Are Special (넌 내게특별해), >Video Game, >Dress Up (예쁘게 입고 나와), >The Real One (진짜가 나타났다), >Hello,  >Get Down Discography:  >Identity, >Fantasy Trilogy pt.1, >Fantasy Trilogy pt.2, >Real Talk: Fantasy Trilogy pt. 3, >Hello, >BR:evolution
Birth Name: Jo Won Jun Stage Name: Wonjun Birthday: November 22, 1988 Position: Leader & Vocalist Height: 179 cm Weight: 61 kg Horoscope: Sagittarius  Blood Type: AB Twitter: @BoysRepublic_OJ •He’s the one who eats the most in the group. It was clearly seen through the episodes of “Rookie King Boys Republic”. •Although he’s the leader, he likes teasing the other members.  •He can imitate a Jazz singer. (ASC ep 59)  •Onejunn can lick his elbow (Seen on Weekly Idol) •Participated in Idol Olympics 2014 with the other members. He was placed in the Soccer Competition along with Suwoong. He also scored one Goal and had the position of goal keeper.  •He was voted as the “Fashion Terrorist” of the group (by the members votes), Sungjun commented “One time, when we were about to go out, I saw a huge grasshopper come outside of the house. But then I realized it was Wonjun dressed in all Green.” •Believe it or not, he’s a fan of One Direction. •Wonjun’s favorite girl group is Girls Day and he’s been a fan since Expect Era. •He likes Composing and Arranging music. •He is the most compassionate in Music in the group. •Wonjun likes the taste of Home Cooking.  •Wonjun Believes in Confidence, his motto in life is, “If I don’t aqcuit myself, I won’t aqcuit anyone else before me.”  •He often gets teased by the other members, especially Suwoong. •He thinks fondly of their Thai Fans and hopes that they can go back to Thailand. •He likes to brag about himself but is always loved for that since it’s true. •He said he wanted to be Korea’s number 1 Entertainer in the Future. •He wants to try acting, musicals, composing and writing songs, MC, and still be in a boy group. •Wonjun’s Ideal Type: Pretty, Kind, and smiles refreshingly.
Birth Name: Choi Da Bin Stage Name: Sunwoo (Originally: DABIN) Birthday: March 12, 1992 Position: Vocalist Height: 183 cm Weight: 65 kg Horoscope: Pisces Blood Type: B Twitter: @BoysRepublic_DB •He was trained in Cube entertainment before transferring to a UMK. •He was a former member of TOUCH managed by YYJ Entertainment. •He told his reason for changing his name in the group’s interview with Star News saying “I changed my name about a month ago… My parents are the type to frequently go get their fortune told, and they suggested that I change my name.” •In weekly idol, Sunwoo revealed that he can shove his tongue all the way in his throat. •He idolizes the actor Lee Seung Gi and considers him as his role model in acting. •Among all the members, Sunwoo is the one who nags the most, especially to Suwoong.  •The memebers ranked Sunwoo 2nd place in terms of Visual. •Sunwoo is closest to Suwoong among all the members and bickers A LOT. •He doesn’t like other people touching his things.  •The tallest member of the group He met Zed once and is a big fan of him.  •It was said in his member profile picture that he has six pack abs. (Fans are still waiting to see it). •Fans pair Sunwoo and Suwoong. •Often called “WoongBin”, “DaWoong”, “SunWoong”, “WoongSun”, “Sweat Couple” (originated from their variety show Rookie King: Boys Republic”), “Mama and Baby”, and as well “Loser Team” (as called by the K-RF). •He likes to swim as a hobby  •He’s a caffeine addict.  •Sunwoo believes in endeavor, his motto is “I will never think of betraying the law.”  •Sunwoo’s ideal type: Who does well in her work, Supports and only Loves Dabin(former name).
Birth Name: Kim Min Su Stage Name: Minsu Birthday: April 15, 1993 Position: Rapper & Dancer Height: 175 cm Weight: 55 kg Horoscope: Aries Twitter: @BoysRepublic_MS •Fans named him “Russian boy” because of his sharp nose and chin. •Minsu claims that he’s in charge of the group’s sexiness and charisma, but the members and fans say he has the most 4d personality among the members. •His favorite artists are Michael Jackson and Marilyn Manson. •Minsu is actually really clumsy. •There was a time the boys were going back to the hotel after their debut stage, and Minsu was so happy he hit a post on the way back to the hotel. •Minsu is a deep thinker. He carefully thinks things through before doing them. •In an interview during the Making of “Rookie King: Boys Republic”, Minsu was voted “the member who will likely never get married”. Wonjun commented “It’s because he thinks so hard on just trivial things. What more if he chooses the girl he wants to Mary?” •Fans pair Minsu with Sungjun. Often called “MinJun”, “SungMin”, “Rap Line”, and “OppaDeuls” (as called by the K-RF). •There was a time where Minsu posted a picture, a drawing of a girl (probably drawn by him), and he said “If I see my ideal type in the crowd, then I will go down from the stage!!” •Minsu said he wanted to try modeling despite not meeting the physical requirements. •Skateboarding is his hobby. You can actually see his skills through the “Orange Sky” MV. •Minsu hates worms, rainy days and ghosts. •He is close with Block-B’s B-bomb and has danced together in “PROJECT X” along with Doobu (3DCOLOR), Daeil (24K), and J. Heart (N-Sonic). •Minsu was in a dance unit with Cross Gene’s Sangmin and C-Clown’s Kangjun. •Minsu danced to HyunA’s RED with red lipstick on (Idol School) •He’s a big fan of solo artist IU •Minsu Believes in confidence. •His motto is “If you do not have confidence, nothing will end well.” •Minsu’s ideal type: has fair skin and is puppy-like.
Birth Name: Park Sung Joon Stage Name: Sungjoon Birthday: December 17, 1992 Position: Rapper & Dancer Height: 172 cm Weight: 55 kg Horoscope: Sagittarius  Blood Type: AB  Instagram: @sungjun1217 •Sungjun was trained in JYP entertainment before he transferred to UMK. •He’s in charge of the humor and pranks in the group. •He teases the members the most.  •He’s the most stylish in the group. •He likes to accessorize.  •Sungjun hates Reptiles.  •His role model is Jay Park and his music inspiration comes from the singer-songwriter, Musiq Soulchild. •He dreams to be a famous dancer.  •In weekly idol, Sungjun revealed that he could bend his finger all the way back of his hand. •Sungjun is the strongest member in the group. •He managed to carry Defconn and do about 5 squats in 4 tries. •Fans pair Sungjun with Minsu, most probably because they both dance together a lot. Often called “MinJun”, “SungMin”, “Rap Line”, and “OppaDeuls” (as called by the K-RF). •He participated in the Idol Dance Battle: D-style and was also paired up with WA$$UP Nari in the competition.  •He stated that he works out a lot that’s why he has good biceps and he has abs.  •He likes touching the other members man boobs. (lol) •Sungjun believes in courage, he thinks people are unsuccessful because they lack courage.  •There was a time where the boys were playing with a lie detector toy (it shocks you if you lie), then sungjun was asked if he ever dated or kissed a girl. He said “no”, but he was still shocked by the lie detector. •Sungjun’s ideal type: Tall, has straight and long hair, pretty nails, and nice fragrance.
Birth Name: Lee Su Woong Stage Name: Suwoong Birthday: January 20, 1995 Position: Vocalist & Maknae Height: 174 cm Weight: 56 kg Horoscope: Aquarius •He was trained in Big Hit Entertainment before transferring to UMK. •He has the most number of fans in the group and ranks #1 in visuals among the members. •He has the most aegyo in the group along with Sunwoo. •The members commented “Suwoong and Dabin(Sunwoo’s former name) are really close to the point that all of Suwoong’s aegyo are transferring to Dabin.” •Although Wonjun is the troublemaker of the group, Suwoong is the one who gives the other members a hard time. •He looks up to Big Bang as his role model. He specially mentioned T.O.P because he commented that TOP can rap, act well, and is good at variety shows. •Fans pair Suwoong with Sunwoo. Often called “WoongBin”, “DaWoong”, “SunWoong”, “WoongSun”, “Sweat Couple” (originated from their variety show Rookie King: Boys Republic”), “Mama and Baby”, and as well “Loser Team” (as called by the K-RF). •He can make water droplet sound effects with his mouth. Suwoong was the only member of the group who participated in the winter Idol Olympics in 2013. •He also participated in the Idol Olympics in 2014. He participated the soccer/futsal competition along with Wonjun. •Suwoong says he looks best after taking a shower. •He was the only member in the group to participate in Hello Dream Team. •He sweats just by thinking of spicy food and sweats the most out of the members. •Suwoong is close with BTS and was trained along with them when he was still in Big Hit Ent. •He drools in his sleep and often sings Party Rock in his sleep too. •One of the members took a picture of Suwoong drooling while sleeping and they plan to upload it if ever Suwoong misbehaves. •His favorite pastime is Soccer. •Suwoong believes never to live in regret, in other words, “YOLO”.
1.) Hello ~ Boys Republic 2.) Hello Music Bank 3.) Hello ~ Boys Republic Who's Who (Personally one of my favorites=D)
1.) The Real One ~ Boys Republic 2.) The Real One Live 3.) The Real One (미생 ver.) (misaeng ver.) 4.) The Real One ~ Boys Republic Who's Who
1.) Video Game ~ Boys Republic 2.) Video Game ~ Boys Republic Who's Who (This one IS my favorite song of theirs❤ Seriously like the vocals and the sound of it is just so amazing!)
1.) Party Rock ~ Boys Republic 2.) Party Rock ~ Boys Republic Who's Who *Debut song*
1.) You Are Special ~ Boys Republic 2.)You Are Special~Boys Republic Whos Who
L.I.U ~ Boys Republic (Love Is U) This MV is just sooo adorable
1.) Get Down ~ Boys Republic 2.) Get Down Dance Practice 3.) Get Down on Arirang 4.) Get Down ~ Boys Republic Who's Who (Their newest mv released a few days ago)
1.) Dress Up ~ Boys Republic 2.) Dress Up Comeback Stage

1.) Boys Republic on Weekly Idol 2.) Boys Republic on Pops In Seoul 3.) Boys Republic Snake Video *if you watch any of these watch #3*


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@JamiMilsap @EmmaJolie Im so glad you guys like them!=D
I love The Real One!
I cried listening to the first one.😭 I don't think I've ever seen so much emotion in an MV before. It was beautiful.
@PrettieeEmm No problem! I do too=)
thank you for this I love this group
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