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Look at this hottie! He is ready for his close-up! Since the theme of today's card is photoshoots, I figured that this would be a good card to kind of track Jimin through the different eras and whatnot, so some shots of him from all of the MVs will be featured here along with a few other things. I felt like this would be a better way to focus on Jimin rather than just throwing up the BTS photoshoot videos and calling it a day.
So let us travel together from "No More Dream" to "Run" with Jimin!
So in the album 2 Cool 4 Skool we have the videos "No More Dream" and "We are Bulletproof Part 2." Our boys were rocking their dark gangster look at this point. 😎
And Jimin's arms are just great here! πŸ‘Œ
And look at his cheeks! So cute!
In ORUL8,2?, the boys still had a pretty gangster vibe, but just brighter clothes, which they sported in the video for "N.O."
Hello abs! 😍
Ahh...the school boy days. "Boy in Luv" and "Just One Day" are the tracks brought to life with MVs from Skool Luv Affair.
Let me just say, sign me up for this school! Please!
And I just loved both of those looks from "Just One Day," so I could not help but include them both!
The two MVs from Dark and Wild, about have very different feels to them.
"Danger" has a darker feel to it, so we get to see Jimin rocking some sexy dark clothing.
Now "War of Hormone"... Let me just say this on behalf of all people.
Whoever out there in this world chose them for this beautiful boy with the perfect booty, thank you.
In HYYH Part 1, "I NEED U" happened, and I just really do not appreciate it. Before K-Pop, I would have never ever thought that a music video could make one cry. I now know that a single music video can cause this one!
I really liked the photoshoot though, because they let Jimin wear shorts so we get to see his legs. πŸ˜‰
At least "DOPE" gave us a cute little red-haired Jimin! And he had those little glasses too. What a cutie!!
In their most recent album, HYYH Part 2, the story of "I NEED U" was continued in "RUN," so more feels, more tears, but some hot boys!
This is where we get tangerine Jimin, which I really like! 😍
I mean, just look at this babe!
It has been about 4 months or so since their last album was released, but we have been blessed with the NOW 3 photo book, where we get this sexy burnt-orangish red-haired Jimin. YUMMY!!! I am in LOVE with this look!!!
What do you guys think? Which Jimin look is your favorite?
I honestly love each one, I am not sure if I can even choose!
But let me know what you guys think!
If you do not want to be tagged, let me know.
If by chance anyone would like to be added to the list (or if you asked and you are not on it because I suck at tag lists 😣), let me know as well!
@Defy24601 anytime
@AubriePope Okay! I will be sure to check it out! Thank you so much! 😊
@Defy24601 try redbubble. that's where my mom goes
@AubriePope I almost bought some, but the shipping on Amazon for the posters is always way too much on the ones I want, and I am not sure which other sites to trust. I plan to get some for sure though...eventually... 😣
@Defy24601 gurl yes. I need more kpop posters.....I have a toooonnnn of super junior posters but I need variety
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