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I love John Stamos. He's the best. Look at that weird screenshot I took and posted above. One of the things that makes him even more best is the April Fool's Joke he did with Netflix. If you've signed on to Netflix at all today, every category is John Stamos'd out.
And there's a fake trailer for a documentary about John Stamos called Stamos: A Human, Being. And it's that fake trailer that makes me wish it was an actual movie.
I mean, check it out. It's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. I love that he's cool enough with joking about himself and his career with this trailer. There's something about celebrities who make fun of themselves that makes them a little more endearing.
It's like they're a regular person. Like they don't make millions of dollars more than I do. It helps me lie to myself and think that maybe we'd be friends if we met in the real life and we'd go shoot pool together every weekend and maybe talk about our favorite comic books and movies over the phone in middle of the night.
That's not a crazy thing to think, right?