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Cana x Laxus 馃槏
This is my fave Fairy Tail ship of all time but tbh people need to make more art of it please it's too cute not to am I right?? 馃槏馃槏 (all art credit goes to rightful owners)
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8 comments goes with Bacchus Laxus goes with Mira馃槨 I see it no other way
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Laxus x Mira may be a little clich茅 but so is every other fairy tail ship
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I kinda like laxus with canna
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Lol tbh I like this ship 馃挅. It's not what you would expect but it could happen. To me they would go good together.
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No hate to no one but I think Laxus x Mira is too cliche for me but I do ship Bacchus and Cana @BobbieStinson
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