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When a fellow Vingler came to me asking for some bridesmaid dress ideas, I hope she knows what she was asking for. Because THE HUNT IS ON!
She said to me, It's got to be pastel blue/lavender and made of chiffon that's floor-length.
Other than that--ANYTHING GOES!
And I just have to say THANK YOU to the bride, whoever she is, for letting her bridesmaids find their own dress! Nothing wrong with everyone looking identical, but the reality is, not every body looks great in the same silhouette or cut!!! As shown in the photo above, these bridesmaids LOOK FABULOUS--each in their own shade, cut, texture and silhouette!
If you want your party to look chic in pictures--let them choose their own gown with just a couple musts, like color shade or texture, etc.
To find the right dress I went to good ole' RentTheRunway, which allows you to rent DESIGNER GOWNS FOR CHEAP! Take a look at these gowns:
Pastel Petunia Gown
$80 rental $795 retail
Heathcliff Gown
$90 rental $355 retail
Aqua Chakra Gown
$100 rental $468 retail
Periwinkle Pleats Gown
$80 rental $1095 retail
Aqua Amira Gown
$250 rental $1800 retail
Blue Paloma Gown
$70 rental $300 value
Brandie Gown
$475 rental $3200 retail
Greek Islands Gown
$115 rental $770 retail
Shaina Pleated Gown
$100 rental $398 retail
Periwinkle Twinkle Gown
$150 rental $990 retail
Glacier Blue Gown
$500 rental $3300 retail
Nigella Blue Gown
$800 rental $6500 retail
Fingerprint Gown
$400 rental $3295 retail

Did you all know that you could rent designer gowns for next to nothing?!

My goodness how l wish everyone could read this from my corner of the world. Brides often force bridesmaids into the same colour and cut of the dress. The hairstyle and shoes have to be the same. What often happens is bridezilla is the only one happy on the wedding day. Bridesmaids normally can't wait for the whole show to be over. lm generalising here but true.
Im going to check it out
wow!!! great find @turtleyturtles
@marshalledgar I also just found a website where you can buy expensive dresses for cheap... haven't bought anything yet, so I don't know how good they are, but they look good! I'm considering ordering something for this beach wedding I'm going to this month. I'm loving some of their maxi dresses!
You're welcome @turtleyturtles 馃槈
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