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I'm in line at the dmv right now, and it's a hell hole. Thank god I made an appointment because if I hadn't id be sitting here for hours. Literally the non-appointment line had a 2 hour wait. I look great, because like's my California drivers license picture and I have to look right. Like, this is my adult drivers license. Anyway, as I was browsing my phone trying to figure out how the hell to spend my time, I came across a challenge frotmm @jordanhamilton one of my best mates on Vingle (sorry for the British slang, I've been talking to a guy from London). Anyway, it got me thinking of all the dumb things I forgave in past relationships. I love fashion, especially rock and roll fashion. I like to mix high end and low end. I am not ashamed to say I have my own sense of style.
I have a lot of specifics when it comes to type, and even wrote a challenge about it on Vingle. I like them tall and on the slim side, confidence, great taste in music, smart, conflicted, passionate and poetic. All of those things can be great, but they can also be terrible. I like dudes who are like a storm in a teacup. One thing goes wrong, and they go nuts. I guess you can say I have a thing for danger. Anyway, wall of the qualities are important, but there is one unforgivable one that creates more problems than the lack of any other trait: style. If you don't have style I cannot date you. If you don't have style I will encourage you to get some. I will try and pick out your outfits and make you into the cool rock and roll guy you were meant to be. The whole flip flops and socks thing, cargo shorts...sweatpants. No. I don't even own a pair of sweatpants to be honest. You shouldn't either. If you have no style, you can't possibly date me because my entire life revolves around stylistic choices. I am not technical or analytic in anything I do, and if you're that way...well we probably won't get along. Guess it's just a matter of preference. What traits really get you going? Thanks @jordanhamilton for the prompt! I tag: @marshalledgar @stephosorio @amonigbang and @alywoah
Okay, this might be telling, but if a gal shows interest in me and she's wearing (or at least owns, and wears) a Stuart Weitzman's Nudist Sandal, THEN THINGS ARE GOOD GOOD GOOD...
@jordanhamilton I have to admit that I'm kind of a label whore. No I am. Today I'm wearing a Kate Spade necklace and the new Resort collection Vans sneakers. #lol hahahahah
I love this & I love you for this!!!! Thank you for highlighting the terrible shorts and socks epidemic. OMG no!!!! 馃槴 a sense of style is extremely important, you don't have to wear name rand everything, but you def have to be well put together. A pet peeve.
Yes!!! That's exactly how you should go about it 馃拋馃徑
@marshalledgar what are they Marshall??
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