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One big win over the Nets, and Kyrie is talking a lot of big talk about the Cavs.
"Everything surrounding our team is just crazy to think that we're still in first place and we're still the team to beat, honestly," Irving said. "Regardless of what anybody else says of what we need and what we don't need and what we need to get better at -- us, internally, we know that we have to improve on a lot of things, but we've just got to handle business as professionals and continue to get better."
Reporters then searched to gain clarity on the statement, asking Irving if he thought they were the favorites over the Warriors and Spurs as well.
"I feel like we're the team to beat," Irving said. "I mean, honestly, it's open season until we get into the playoffs, so I have a lot more confidence than I think anyone realizes in our team and what's going on in our locker room."
I'm not sure if I agree with that statement at all. Yeah, the Cavs are in 1st place, but only hold the lead by 2 games. The Raptors have played well against them all year. Many teams in the East have added depth to match up against the Cavs, AND have battled tested coaches.
This road won't be as smooth as Kyrie makes it seem. They won't just waltz through the East. As a matter of fact, if they face the Pacers or Pistons in the 1st round, that could be a serious matchup as well.

Are the Cavs still the team to beat in the East?

@VeronicaArtino It's going to be a tough race but they still have one of the best shots in winning the whole thing!
Still gonna lose to the Warriors
I mean they are the best team in the East....but the West is too strong
I love my Cavs and I am rooting for them all the way but I think that is a pretty big statement to make. I just hope their performance gets better and can back up his words