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The life of an uber driver is interesting.
Everyday is a new journey. You get in the car and explore parts of towns you may have never been to before. The people you drive are all very unique. Some are funny, some are sad. Some are mad, but you endure it all for the pay at the end of the day.
VICE is doing a pretty cool series called "First Person Shooter" photo series that offers a brief vantage into the world of compelling and strange individuals. Each Friday, they give two disposable cameras to one person to document a night of his or her life.
This week, they gave an uber driver from Los Angeles named Arthur the cameras. During the day, he's an illustrator, but at night he makes extra cash by driving intoxicated Californians around the city.
This one was pretty cool. One passenger cracked a brew before getting in the car and then asked to idle outside his ex-girlfriend's place for a while. Others slugged Four Lokos and cheap liquor.
I just wish he grabbed a bit of audio from this one, "taxi cab confessions" style, but not as ummm.. well you know what I mean.

Would you want to take part in the first person shooter series? If so, what part of your day would you like to show them?

Lol that kid with the Four Loko can.
shoot I would be go inside a jail and maybe people would realize that the string hanging off your shirt is very valuable in there , teach the youth something bout being ignorant