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Some controversy has sparked as the words of comedian Lim Joon Hyuk targeted at MBLAQ have come into light. Lim Joon Hyuk, part of the comedian team of 'People Seeking Laughs - Rising Star' wrote, "Today's recording was the most difficult since the start of 'Rising Star'. I realize now that 2PM had come after preparing really hard-- We won't do this, no we can't do that - [MBLAQ] was saying that even up until filming began, and I don't know if they didn't hear about us wanting to do a test run before the filming or if they heard it but just forgot about it. It's just very like superstars have made their entrance... G.O, however, worked really hard. This is just my own personal thoughts so if anyone happens to see this, aim your diss towards only me." The post has since been deleted, but J.Tune Camp has stepped up to suggest that perhaps there was a misunderstanding. One rep from the agency commented, "They worked hard as they would on music programs. I think there must have been some misunderstanding...There was no specific problem during the recording and the recording went well.. We are just regretful that something like this has been brought up." Another rep added, "There was no situation like the one described... The rehearsal was supposed to take place in the waiting room. The members went down to 1st floor where the comedians' waiting room was located asking to do a test run, but the comedians said that it's more convenient for them to go up, so rehearsal was held in MBLAQ's waiting room... We were doing our best to take their wishes into consideration and we just did what the comedians said to do so there was no problem at all. That's why we're quite shocked that such words have come up... We wouldn't have anything to say if we did do something wrong and we were being lazy, but as a rep who was actually at the scene, I'm very shocked. It was really not like that in reality."
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poor guys. well im glad that this was squashed! best of luck MBLAQ