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This is my kitten shadow :3 he's 8 months old, a huge cuddler and he loves being around people! He liked playing with his little sister domino ♡ and eating! x3 He's adopted and also he's circumsized, I was kinda shocked to hear that because, well, why would a cat need that. but he's always been a caring brother, when his mom rejects his siblings and himself he stepped up and tried nurturing his siblings. (he's a strange cat yes, I know) and while he attempted one of the kittens suckled on his ding dong and cut the skin, preventing him from peeing. circumsition was the only way to fix it. but now a days hes more about adventuring and having fun then nurturing, and he's got a sister to always play with!
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Awww!! Cats are adorable!!!
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Shadow is a cutie!
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