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Just wanted to give an official welcome for all those peeps who have join the community!!


In this community you will see everything and anything Monsta X. Sounds good to me!!! *Jooheon please stop xD*
Anything from spams, games, or just updates are welcome! Please try to keep the content in this community Monsta X related!! Thanks!
Try not to post anyhing that doesn't have do with Monsta X. If I see anything I will have to remove your card because we are here see things about Monsta X, not Exo, BTS, or anyone else.

Are You Excited? Because I'm Am and so are my supporters!!!

Introducing *dramatic drum roll* Monbebe X -@MonAnnahiX Chi- @Zxenna @swarrier16 These lovely monbebes will be helping me out so look out for them :)
If you're not too familiar with Monsta X...No need to worry all you have to do is check out my MONSTA X collection here Also checked out Chi's card here
I Want To Have A Great Quarter And I Need Your Guys Help With That!!! Start posting!! Whether its memes, gifs, or even pictures, whatever it is I want to see it!! If you are unfamiliar with posting cards, message me and I'll help you out!
That's It For The Welcome You Guys!! Let's Have Fun This Quarter!! Monsta X Fighting!!!

Also comment who your Monsta X bias. I Want To Know!!

Shownu is my bia from Monsta-X 😍
I'd like to play the ALL card for bias, but my images saved on my phone says JooHeon. ♥ I also really like Minhyuk, Shownu, IM, Wonho, and Kihyun. In that order. So my not bias is HyungWon. ^u^
I would have to say I can't choose between Jooheon and I.M.
I would have to say I.M. is the first person who caught my eye in Monsta X >.<
@RaquelArredondo OK...Let me know if you find one or not ☺
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