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Hi everyone!!! I'm Aimee, and I will be one of the VIXXENS for this Quarter!

☆ You have probably seen me creeping in other communities!!

First let me Extend my Congratulations to ⭐ @JiyongLeo for being the awesome MODERATOR! To Check out her awesome Intro Click here!

She gave myself and the other VIXXENS a honor to be her support in showing love to our boys, and bringing yall an amazing quarter!!

I'll put a face to the name!

☆ I'm 24 & 24 months young!! 《Shh it sounds so much cooler this way》

☆ VIXX is in my top 3 Groups, along with Beast & Cross Gene!!

☆ Ken is the main Bias, but I love them all, so it changes between Wreckers. 《They're my Pokémon. I gotta catch them all! Amirite?!》

☆ Ken is amazing in the sense that he like the others are so precious and have great personalities!

☆ I will be your Resident Ken Bug for this Quarter!! ♡♡♡ Please take care of me!!

☆ I promise I'm just as loveable as the Original Ken Bug!! 《Okay, well he may be cuter but I'm 10000000% on board with this realization》

☆ I can mimic the Ken Bugs expressions, but I'm pretty sure I look strange!

《Which again, I'm okay with cause hey, he's precious and I am a dork!!》

To give you a Dabble about me, I'm listing a few Things.

☆ I'm multifandom because I'm a hog and love Biases.

☆ I got into kpop in 2012. Beast was the life changer, in good ways. I had issues that caused me to go through a healing process, Kpop & B2ST Helped me through that.

☆ VIXX was the 2nd group I fell in love with.

☆ Other Biases I adore:

《Seyoung Sangmin》 ◀ Ultimate Biases

Dongwoon HeoJun Minsu & OneJun SungJoo Yul J:ETA WonHo Alex Tey & Changjae Changbum

《Many more》

Some Groups I adore:

UNIQ Madtown Monsta X Boys Republic JJCC Hotshot Shinee Big Bang High4 BeatWin Topp Dogg 24K Block B BTL B.A.P Snuper LU:KUS Road Boyz MR.MR MyName AlphaBat Target A.cian DGNA . . . And many more.

《I'm a Sucker for underdoggs.》

So yes!! This was a little dabble into me, and I can't wait to Help and bring a fantastic quarter to St☆rlights!!

☆ Group hugs all around!!

We are also encouraging members to make an introduction as well!!

Tagging The VIXXEN Mod Squad:


If you would like to be Tagged in future cards, leave a comment below so you don't miss out on these beautiful Future Creations!!

@Annaharris1989 Thank you so much love!! ♡♡♡
@AimeeH Woooo!! Welcome!! :D
@lovetop Thank you so much dear!! ♡♡
@AimeeH Welcome!!!😀😀😀😀
Please tag me!!!
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