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OMG, you guys! Corn could pretty much be our front lawns!

Corn is a fascinating creature of earth. It grows fairly easily if you know what to do and there's so many uses for it..but have you ever thought about exactly where it came from in the first place?

The Corny Details

The American corn we know today was domesticated about 8 to 10,000 years ago. The Natives of what's now Mexico took a grass called teosinte and bred it into Maize. A fancy word for corn. Or maybe Corn is the fancy word here...

See that there? Yup, you guessed it.

That's corn! Corn has even been used for clothing and baskets and housings. Not to mention all the yummy ways there are to eat it!

Evolution at it's finest

So, how did that giant kernel filled grain originate from something so small? The power of evolution and the cultivation of plants! Somehow, the early Mexican people were able to identify that certain type of grass (I know, GRASS!!! Mind-blowing! ) and figured out how to make it something we all have eaten or used in some part of our lives to date! Talk about a smart move, huh?

Kinda makes me feel more connected to cows than ever!

Since, you know... They eat grass...and apparently corn....which is a grass. It's a corny world out there y'all!

How do you guys use corn? Do you or have you ever grown it?

Let me know!
Omg, this had so many wonderful and informative corn facts. Informative AND incornative?
@danidee Hahaha, thanks! (*Trys to think up a good corn pun*) Incornative, now that's true pun-manship LOL