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Does anybody have k-pop related tattoos? Perhaps favorite lyrics, a favorite group's logo, etc? I would love to hear about it! I've been thinking about getting lyrics from Zion T's "Yanghwa Bridge", and I felt like reaching out to my fellow Vingle people to see if anyone else has kpop-related tattoos!
For those who don't have (or want) tattoos, would you ever consider getting something to commemorate your love of k-pop? Do you have any favorite tattooed idols?
I'm a tattoo nerd, so I love hearing about them ๐Ÿ˜‚
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I have so many allergies (including metals and dyes) that I'm too afraid of being allergic to the ink to get a tattoo. I've seen a tattoo ink allergy and it isn't pretty. Quite a few of the kpop idols I like have tattoos, including Hong Ki, 3 of the BTOB members, and a lot of Big Bang.
@JaxomB that sucks... As someone who's spent lots of time in shops, ink allergies aren't fun. If you ever feel like you want one, you can always ask an artist if they would consider doing a "test" spot. When I was getting my thigh piece worked on, my artist did some of my outlines in red because my tattoo was going to have a ton of red in it (I was getting a zombie Ariel), and he wanted to make sure I wouldn't have a reaction to it. I honestly had no clue that some of the BTOB members had tattoos! Which ones?
@zeahco Changsub had a couple of tattoos, including a big one down his arm, Ilhoon has a big one on his chest, and Hyunsik has 3 I think.
@zeahco I want to see Monsta X's Wonho's tattoos.
I want to get GD coup detat and Have the half a peace sign (I know it's GD but it look like half a peace sign too me)