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T. O. P has officially Broken the Internet this morning which was last night for him.. He posted a new pic on his Instagram page.. Now for those of us who are top fans we know he NEVER shows any skin unless absolutely necessary so this morning when I checked my IG I found this on my feed!!
TOP WITH A FRESH OUT THE SHOWER SELFIE. NO CLOTHES ON!!! I SCREAMED SO LOUD AT 8am. My sweet tabi look at all that skin he's showing.. I don't know how to handle this.. With the caption "Who am I and Where Am I" what a great April's fool.
He always looks the best to me in his natural state.. No make up no contacts just him.. It's truly a Blessing to be so attractive with and without all the extras.. I love him so..
I see this.... skin... skin... skin... I m so dead
OMG I have died and gone to heaven. For him to show skin of his own free will and not because his seniors were doing it is a dream come true.