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Hey HEY hey, Here is Chapter 17 Y'all! Her Social Media: Her Tumblr: slayyoongi Kpop Amino: yougotnojamz Vingle Name:@yougotnojamz WattPad: slayyoongi *NOTE* This story is not mine! Simply sharing. I did get permission from the Author Character Profiles: Link➡


Link----› ♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡ Genre: Mafia AU Pairing: I don’t even know anymore Others Characters in Chapter:  Yoongi, Minah’s dad, Jungkook Length: 1996 words

Warning: Swearing, Violence, Intimacy

Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be Part: 17/? “Jungkookie”, a voice sang out, making my blood freeze. “Come out, come out wherever you are!” Jungkook whispered under his breath. “Jin.” The look on his face was clear. I knew because I was thinking exactly the same thing. Uh oh…
Y/n’s POV I was stood there staring at Jungkook, and really wishing I hadn’t shot at the lock. “Get under the desk”, he whispered. “And stay quiet.” I reached forward and grab his arm. “You too. They’ll kill you.” He just shook his head and pushed me towards Yoongi’s desk. I let out a sigh of frustration. Why can’t he just listen for god’s sake? “Jungkook?”, I heard Taehyung this time. He sounded annoyed. “They’re still in the centre wing, I think”, I whispered. I dodged his hand which was about to push me in the direction of the desk again. “I’m gonna turn all the lights off”, I explained. “And then we’re BOTH gonna hide.” I didn’t give him a chance to respond as I went over to the switch and flicked it. Instantly, the lights started flickering. Jungkook then grabbed my arm and the two of us walked around to the other side of the desk and squeezed under it- I was hugging my legs tightly to become as small as possible, and Jungkook was sat on his knees, hovering over me. His head kept hitting the top of the desk, so he lowered it towards me. We were just staring at each other- me wide eyed and him worried- when the lights went out. I could hear shouts of confusion from the three men. “Not funny Jungkook!” Hoseok called. Jin replied to him, purposely loud enough for us to hear. “Hold on Hoseok, we don’t know it’s Jungkook. It might be that bitch.” I flinched at his words. “Wouldn’t she have been in the van with Yoongi?” Taehyung questioned. “No..”Jin called. “I reckon she’s here. The motorbike Jungkook must have stole is still out there. If she wasn’t here, Jungkook wouldn’t be here either.” Damn. “Jungkook”, I whispered as quietly as I could. “We need to get out. Yoongi’s already called her dad.” I felt Jungkook stiffen as he realised the predicament he was in. The choice he had before was help me or help his gang. Now, he knew if he walked away from his gang, all of them would end up dead. And I’m pretty sure his members were more important to him than I was. Their footsteps began to sound more and more distant. They must be walking in the other direction.  “I have an idea”, I whispered. This practically inaudible whispering was putting a lot of strain on my throat. “Go tell them you were looking for me to kill me, but it looks like I ran away. Then leave with them. Get them out.” Jungkook leaned in, his forehead touching mine. He was burning up. Does he have a temperature? I always fussed over him when he got ill…but now wasn’t a good time, I guess.  I knew this idea would ruin Yoongi’s plan, but these people were clearly like family to Jungkook. Albeit a dangerous family, but a family nonetheless. “Y/n”, he breathed. “Don’t be stupid. I’m not leaving you.” As corny as it sounds, my heart leapt at his words.  “Wait here. I’m gonna go check what’s going on.” He started to move. My arms flailed out wildly in an attempt to grab him. “What? NO!” I whisper-shouted. “Are you crazy?” I could just sense him rolling his eyes at me. “You JUST suggested I go out and talk to them…now you’re telling me to stay?” “That’s because my plan was fucking sensible. Yours is suicidal.” “Calm down. I’m not gonna get caught. I need to know what they’re doing. I’ll be back in five minutes. And. Don’t. Move.” With that, he was gone. I cursed under my breath and shifted in a more comfortable position- with Jungkook gone I had more space. And I waited. Two minutes. Three minutes. Four. Stop it y/n. He said he’ll come back. After about ten minutes, I was struggling to breath. Fuck it. I crawled out of the hiding place slowly- the only sound I made was when my knees cracked when I stood. I grimaced at the noise. I gripped the gun tightly and moved slowly, to where (I thought) the door was. Something made a cracking noise as I put my foot down. I froze.The mirror! I listened out for any noise outside the office. Nothing. So I resumed my movement. I should text Yoongi and let him know what’s happening. But I didn’t. That would mean admitting Jungkook knew his plan. And I wasn’t about to dothat. I stumbled out of the office. Strange. Why isn’t anyone here? After about two minutes of aimlessly wondering around, I almost fell on top of some one. “Jungkook”, I hissed. “In what world was that five fucking min-” “Hello beautiful. Been thinking about you all day”, a gruff voice spoke lowly. I froze. This wasn’t Jungkook. I recoiled from the figure and started to move away as quick as I could but he grabbed me. “Arn’t you going to say sorry for earlier?” He queried in an amused voice while I struggled under his grasp. Why the fuck did I leave the office? I was scared now. Because the person who had caught me was none other than Taehyung.
Yoongi’s POV Yoongi was getting restless as he waited for y/n’s text. Why hasn’t she replied?,he thought as Jimin slowly walked around in circles in front of him. Jimin was getting his stamina back slowly, Yoongi could tell. He was a fighter. Yoongi had told him to stop when it gets too much- and that had been ten minutes ago. But he was still going. But they had no food, no water, no medicine. And pretty soon, Jimin would start feeling achy and weak.  “Jimin, stop now.” Yoongi waited until Jimin walked over. Both men had been feeling pretty uneasy since that call. “We need to get to the warehouse. There are no cars. That Jungkook got lucky getting that bike. I’m thinking we should call a taxi.” Jimin snorted. “We have no money”, he said, echoing y/n’s concerns from earlier. Yoongi just smiled in response. “Who needs money when you have a gun?”
Minah’s dad’s POV He was shaking. He wasn’t upset. He was never upset. He was livid. Jin’s pathetic little gang had always been trouble. And now they had killed his daughter. He couldn’t shake the conversation from his head. The phone had rang and he cursed his daughter.What the fuck does she want at this time of night? Minah always wanted something. More men. More weapons. More ANYTHING. It was rather tiring. “Minah what is it?”, he had snapped, not bothering to greet her. “I’m busy.” He wasn’t expecting a man to reply. “She’s dead.” “What?” he blanched. “I said your daughter is dead.” Silence. “Who the fuck is this? And why do you have her phone?” “That doesn’t matter.” The stranger waved off his questions. “You wanna know who did it?” His eyes narrowed at the question. “You?” he snarled. There was light laughter from the other end. “Sadly, no. Jin’s lot.” Jin’s lot? Wasn’t her stupid boyfriend with Jin?His head reeled from this information. “They’re all at the abandoned warehouse right now.” “The one that used to store cargo? How the hell do you know this?” Again he waved it off. “One more thing. You might come across a girl. Her name’s y/n. Leave her be. She’s not with them.” There was a pause. “Touch her, and you’re gonna end up wherever the fuck you’re daughter is.” “How fucking dare y-” The stranger had ended the call. He bellowed “Newbies!”, and two men instantly entered the room. They had been spying for him for around five months, but he couldn’t be bothered with names.  “Gather a few men. We’re gonna bomb the fuck out of the bastards to killed my daughter.” The men stared at him open mouthed, before hastily retreating. “Wait!” he called to them. “Does the name y/n ring any bells?” The younger man paled. “Ww-why?”, he whispered. “Just answer the damn question.” The men just looked at each other before the younger replied. “She’s my sister.” He looked like he was going to throw up. Minah’s father grinned. Like he gave a shit. “Hope you two were on good terms newbie. Now go.” He didn’t care about the strangers warning. He didn’t care about anything. All he knew was, Minah was dead. And Jin’s gang were going to suffer.
Y/n’s POV Taehyung roughly threw me against the wall, and I grunted on impact. Both of his hands were now cupping my arms. I tried to kick him in the groin,but it’s almost like he felt it coming as he caught my leg with his own. But he couldn’t feel the gun which I was still gripping. “Uh-huh y/n. Be a good girl”, he purred. His voice sounded toxic. “Let me go!”, I gasped, still struggling to get out of his grip. Taehyung laughed quietly. Why is he being so quiet? Doesn’t he want Jin to know he’s got me? “Hmm”, Taehyung hummed in approval. “Have you all to myself.” What?! What the fuck?b “Taehyung where is everyone?”, I asked, trying to stay calm. I can’t believe I once thought he was nice. “Looking for you!” I could hear the amusement in his voice. “But I found you first! And that means I get a prize!” He giggled like a bloody school kid. I didn’t like what he was implying one bit. “How about your prize is I don’t kill you?” I growled. He giggled again. “You’re cute when you’re angry. Now how about you put that anger to some good use, huh?” His voice went from a 12 year old child to a heavy smoking trucker real quick. “T-taehyung please”, I pleaded for him to let me go. “Please what ,princess?” His grip started to loosen on one arm (the one holding the gun) and his hand travelled down to my hip. “Do anything else, and I’ll scream”, I threatened. “Do it”, he challenged. But we both knew I wouldn’t. I didn’t see Taehyung as big a threat as I did Jungkook. “Or I could just…”, I cocked the gun one handed, and Taehyung let out a small gasp “…shoot you.”
Jungkook’s POV Jungkook knew he’d go over the five minutes. But he couldn’t find the members anywhere.They must have split up to look for us. As he made his way back, he froze at the sound of hushed arguing. He silently, but swiftly, moved closer to the source of the sound. One was unmistakeably y/n’s. Jungkook’s face scrunched up in frustration. Why the hell couldn’t she just listen? I told her I’d come back, Christ’s sake. When he heard the other voice, it took all his will power not to curse out loud. Taehyung. Jungkook had labelled that orange haired idiot as a womaniser, but in all honesty , Tae was no better. That’s why he had warned him this morning before he left y/n alone with him. And now, by the sounds of it, Taehyung had her cornered. Is he touching her? Jungkook couldn’t tell. Plus, what would he do if Tae was touching her? He was his brother. He acted strong with y/n, but he didn’t know whether he had it in him to betray the gang. Jin. Hope. Tae. His family. He heard something that made him step towards the two.  “Or I could just…”, he heard the sound of the pistol clicking, and Taehyung gasping in shock “…shoot you.” Jungkook internally scoffed. Y/n please. You shot a fucking door and lost it. You are not going to shoot him. Jungkook was in two minds. Help him? Help her? His brother or his girl? He stepped forward again, gun now in hand. “Taehyung”, his voice sounded authoritative. He heard y/n whisper “Jungkook…no.” Jungkook took a deep breath. “Let her go or I’ll shoot.” To Be Continued....
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