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Sorry this is late!❤I had a science project and then the teacher wants to give is another one today and she did And I was like LADY do you know how many Korean people I have to watch! Just kidding I didn't but I should've
Anyway!!!Here's the question❤ How are your Favorite or favorites in kpop!Like who do you listen the most too! One of them is exo! The first one Tho...I'm crying
Second one is BTS! They are beautiful
Then Got7! Markson on the front!You know mhm! There lots more but those ate the ones for now!What about you guys Comment down below FAM! If u want to be tagged then message me if u want to be removed tell me Tagging the ones who wanted to be tagged and the ones who always tag me thank you @xsando17@amobigbang@Kevavana@kpopandkimici@Eswee@kpopINT@Primcess unicorn@Khrystinalee@AaliyahNewbell@sleepingyoongi@Erwrrent. oh And it would be easier if you do a card and if you do *sings if you do by got7* I mean if you do tag me!
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Exo, GOT7, Girls' Generation and BTS
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