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Chapter 3
~~~Ji's pov~~~ "Ji, Ji, Where are you Ji?" I heard my name being called. "I think that may be my parents. Come with me my prince, I must protect you." I said as I grabbed his wrist and dragged him to my parents. "Found you." I whispered to myself. I picked up my pace and hugged my family. "Mom, Dad I missed you so much." I said with tears in my eyes. Next I went up to Hanuel and hugged him. "Hanny I missed you so much." "Didn't I tell you to stop calling me that." Hanny said in an annoyed tone. "Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?" "Anyways where is Nari?" I asked. "She is on a date with her boyfriend." my dad said. "What?! She ditched me over her boyfriend?!" I yelled. "Oh she is surely gonna get a beating the next time I see her!" I got a little angry. Mark started to laugh. "Who is this?" my mom said. "Is it your boyfriend my little sister?" Hanny cooed. "We just met!" Mark and I said at the same time. I nudged Marks elbow and started to giggle. "Oh so its love at first sight?" Hanny teased. "Of course not." I said blushing. So I looked up at Mark and he was blushing slightly also. ~~~Mark's pov~~~ Ah, its starting to get late. But I don't want to leave Ji. Maybe I'll just ask for her number and go. "Hey..." We both said at the same time. "You go first." I said "My parents were wondering if you would like to cone over to eat dinner with us." Whats with that cute face. "Fine." *at the house* ~~~Ji's pov~~~ I'm finally home. "Time for dinner!" "Thanks mom!" I yelled back Mark and I go downstairs and start to eat dinner. About 3 minutes later there was a knock on the door. So my mom got up and opened the door. I heard my mom yell. Whats happening! I got up and ran to the door. "Mom?! Are you alright?" "Yes I'm fine honey." I ran to my mom and gasped.
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