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Chapter 4
"Mom?! Are you alright?" "Yes, I'm fine honey." I ran to my mom and gasped. "Nari!!!" I yelled as I ran to her. I hugged her so tight like there was no tomorrow. I started to cry like a baby when I was hugging her. "Nari, do you know how much I missed you, oh god. I was so worried about you." After I was done crying I wiped my face so I at least look decent. My mom sister and I went inside. I yelled, "Nari is here!!!" Mark turned around and gave off a shocked face. "You two look a like!" "Duh, were twins." we both said at the same time, on purpose. After we said that we both giggled. We all laughed and talked as we were eating dinner. *after dinner* We all walked in the living room after washing all of the dishes. "Family game night Fridays," we all yelled except for Mark. We were up until 10pm playing family involved games. I was getting tired and almost fell asleep. Next thing I new everything was black.
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Twin?! Ohh boy I smell trouble! lol. tag me please!😊
XD she has a twin 😲😲 poor mark I her he's tire and he's still playing family game night lol