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DAY 26: A member you would go to the club with This question was semi hard for me to answer because I think it would be really cool to go to the club with all of the boys for many different reasons but I decided to go with Mark. I feel like Mark would be a good person to go to the club with so I could have someone to stand in the corner with and just talk ..and maybe dance if we wanted. I'm honestly too awkward for the club... like I don't know why my friends even invite me to
Day 27: A member you'd date Y'all already know that I would date Jaebum, y'all know that he is my baby and that he makes my heart crazy. I'm not even sure how we would even date.. I'd be so awkward and I'd probably just sit and smile at him whenever he even talked to me , I don't think I'd be able to even look at him without blushing or just making a complete fool out of myself. He would probably think it is the cutest thing though and he would totally understand that though I am a little awkward that I do love him and he makes me extremely happy.
Day 28: Favorite Body Part of your Bias? I really like Jb lips, they look so soft and he has the cutest smile ever!
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@PrettieeEmm lol..started my madness with JB.. and I made him my
@AaliyahNewbell oooh yes.. JB'S lips. (sigh) @PrettieeEmm ..It reminds me of those gifs.. remember?. .those you published that got me mad for few days with JB?
@PrettieeEmm thanks 💕
LoVe it..💜
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