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Teriyaki Salmon with Soba Stir Fry - Homemade Hooplah

Teriyaki Salmon with Soba Stir Fry!

Tender teriyaki salmon on a bed of soba noodle stir fry. Don't let the picture fool you - this fancy dinner is easy to make!
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@danidee @CreeTheOtaku Oh I agree!! That meal would be poppin then
a year ago·Reply
@AimeeH That would just CORNplete the meal.
a year ago·Reply
@AimeeH aww shucks I was giving out a little help that's all
a year ago·Reply
@InPlainSight Meal fit for the best of farmers. @CreeTheOtaku that is an a-miaze-ing tip! ♡
a year ago·Reply
don't threat in me with a good time I fuckin love fish
a year ago·Reply