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So someone I know, not saying any names, @JaiiPanda, really likes this guy. I know why and I know what he does to her feelz. Therefore I shall destroy them all because I can. You've been warned. cr. to owners of all gifs and photos that are not mine. Oh BTW I told you it was coming....
Wait where did that come from? I'm sorry that was not how this was supposed to start. But ummm what if he did????
There we go, something a little more subtle. But still something about that makes me think he is being inappropriate with the lip biting. an invitation maybe?
I like him better with more hair. I mean either way he is still cute. That blonde hair though. But he seems to have an issue with that thing that should stay in his mouth. Who am I to judge though.
So I've come to the conclusion that this thing with his tongue, is a running theme. Hmmm..... oh look dairy products. Yummy!
Wait what?!?! He tongue is in his mouth. So this is safe. He is just smiling like a big kid. I still don't think it's safe yet.
Have you seen this movie yet? AMAZING!!!! Sorry but he doesn't stick his tongue out much and well that may disappoint you.
Why does he always look so angry/dangerous/charismatic/unbothered/aloof..... it doesn't matter because it works for him.
WHOA THERE..... didn't see that coming. I guess that's what happens when you have to be a grown up to sell drinks. You still with me there @Jaiipanda ??????? Probably not, you probably are running around yelling at me in your head. It's cool, I love you.
We're done here. I had one mission and I've completed it.
For good measure.
@XionHeart welcome to our world
Pops in for a quick glance, ends up shaking ma head muttering, "God damnit Kris."
Well, damn, i didn't have a thing for lip biting until i saw him a few months before and I was in denial but now. .. it is confirmed.
@LizHolder Mr. Six
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