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For anyone who hasn't heard or seen this movie, let me just say be prepared!! Haha it's a wild and entertaining anime that I would not have thought of this idea in a lot of time or years unless I had a vivid dream of how to head it!! It's rated 7.16 on MAL Synopsis- The Z Project was intended to give the new generation a break from caring for the old. The original intenion was to create a machine to care for them without any intervention. At first glance, it looked like an excellent plan, and many of the younger generation approved of its application. But when old Mr. Takazawa become the test subject for the Z-001 machine, Haruko questioned both the tactics of the hospital and the moral implications of the machine. This is just the beginning, as Haruko has not just the hospital, but the odds against her. But then, she discovers an odd quirk about the machine: it uses a biochip, and it eventually acquires a mind of its own! There you have it NAKAMA!! I wasn't lying when I said wild idea!! Check it out and let me know what ya think!! Anime is life!!