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So I have been putting a challenge together for a bit, and I am happy to say that I finished it!!

♧ I'm excited to present 30 Day Cross Gene Challenge!!

♧ I saw the Other groups had one catered especially to them, so I wanted one for Cross Gene ♡

♧ What better way to start the community off!! ♡

《Day 1》

♧ Favorite Gene & Why:

♢ Well, if you know me, or about me, you know the one that gets the most hearts eyes out of everyone!!

♢ This guy is my babeh and I absolutely adore Him

To venture on, the reveal is ⬇ There. . .

Organic Gene 《Sangmin》

♧ He's such a sweet smiley babe. His smile is huge and I absolutely love that. It's hard to find a photo where he isn't smiling.

♧ He's such a kid. See gif #2

♧ He can go from sweet goofball to intense (VA VA Voom) in like half of a blink. This results in extreme salivation and fanning.

♧ He's a dancer and Rapper. What more is yummy right?

♧ His aegyo is adorable and I must have it in my life daily.

♧ He's okay with playing dress-up. Ladies, when you've had a very rough day, and want to unwind by playing princess, well he'll be there too playing along.

♧ He's not afraid of expressing his own style. Like WHOA. Slow down there Sparky. . . Oddly enough that is one of my favorite looks on him

Most Importantly:

♧ He loves his brothers and they love him. Sangmin is their Happy Virus, and you can tell.

If you would like to participate, then by all means please do!! Be sure to tag me!!

Tagging CandY Mod Squad:

Tagging The Yaks:

Tagging Requested For Cross Gene:

If you'd like to Be tagged in Cross Gene cards, let me know in the comments!!

thank you for this. noe I have another challenge to do on Kpop Amino as well.
omg yasss a cross gene challenge I'm so ready
@AimeeH No problem, Unni.
Awww so cuteeeee
@AimeeH yes it is and it is so much fun to be on. you can make new friends, write blogs, make polls, make fanmade entertainments and recruit trainees, host and join giveaways. and so much more.
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