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'High Heels' is an action comedy about a cop who wants to become a woman, starring Cha Seung Won as the main lead. WHAT? I almost dropped my laptop while reading this; you mean our sexy manly Cha Seung Won to walk around in heels and cross-dress?! But wait, to throw us off even more, he does not just cross-dress but actually goes through process to become a transgender. My jaw is somewhere on the floor... To give us a hint of his upcoming look and promote the movie, Seung Won transformed into a woman in 'Section TV Entertainment News'. Take a look at the photo! This is a bold project and I definitely want to watch it. Except that I just can't imagine that body and abs in miniskirt and tight pants... oh no. What do you guys think?
@winterlovesong Oh, I agree with you there. I love to see actors/actresses that take roles that are challenging and completely opposite than what they would normally do. Kim Sun Ah's new role in that movie is definitely different from what she usually does. I'm excited! @MasriDaniela That's very true! It's good to laugh a lot in this life. ♥
i see him for the first is in Athena, his performance is really great !!
@YinofYang @winterlovesong @oj1992 we need some fun in this hard life :))) we must joke so our life become easy :-* luv u my sis .puppy eyes ^_^
@winterlovesong hahaha :)))
@oj1992 @yinofyang but life is an adventure and I kinda love him for for being bold enough to accept this project <3 @MasriDaniela hey why don't you make your collection of must-have k-dramas here on vingle? I'm sure everyone will appreciate it, our kdrama guru! heh @larkspurs I know right...
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