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Credit to the amazing creator of this beautiful art piece. Requested by: @mrsjeon *Other fanfics are at the end this time* - * - * - Rain... Of course out of all days it ways raining today. Y/N is normally in control of her feelings. Her face tends to give away what she's thinking except at times like this, when all there was was pain. Usually she could convince herself she was fine, there was nothing to be depressed about, but there were times like today when it all came crashing on her like a wave. And so her she was outside at a park, sitting on under a tree, curled up sobbing. She was drenched from head to toe but made no plans to move until all the memories faded away like fog when the sun came out. Suddenly she realized it stopped raining, looking up she found out why. A tall, muscular man, with jet black hair and brown eyes that looked like precious jewels, was holding an umbrella over her, refusing to look directly at her. Sure the tree had some shield from the rain but without leaves, the rain drops were free to fall where ever, mostly on her. "H-hello, my name is Jungkook. Umm, w-what's yours?" Snapping back to reality she realized she had been staring, not bothering to stop the tears from falling. "Y/N, what do you want?" she spoke softly trying to stifle her sobs. "I-I was just walking and saw you crying, I was probably over stepping my place, I'm sorry, I just wanted to make sure you were okay..." The faintest smile appeared on her face. "Thanks Jungkook... sorry to burden you, when you don't even know me..." "Nonsense! I mean you aren't burdening me." he smiled looking right in her eyes, a blush appearing on both their faces. "Oh, um can I walk you home?" "Uh-" "I mean not in a creepy way." he cut her off, "just to make sure you get home safe. Please?" "I guess, as long as you don't stalk me." they both started laughing as he helped her stand up. ********************************************** They had reached Y/N's house in a few minutes. She froze before unlocking the door. "Do you wanna get coffee sometime? I mean, I feel like I have to repay you somehow." she turned around to face him with a sincere smile. "Sure, I'll give you my number so we can plan when to meet up." He practically jumped in joy when she accepted his number sending him a message so he had hers. "Well-" Before she could finish, he had kissed her softly. Without a second thought she went along with it closing her eyes. When she opened them, he was gone but her phone buzzed meaning she had a message. jungkook: 'Sorry for that all of the sudden, I just couldn't resist. Please don't think I'm some crazy person. P.S. I hope we still meet up for that coffee, I would love to see you again.' As she went into her house she let out a small laugh... Y/N: 'Of course, I would really like to see you again too, so why not two days from now at 11 am?' jungkook: 'Really? Thank God, sounds good to me, can't wait! :)'
Tada! A Jungkook fluff! it's raining where I am and I was drinking coffee even though it's like 10:20 lol. Literally all I do is wait for inspiration in my daily life and if I happen to be on Vingle, Bam! a story. Any requests below! Other fanfics: Fluff: Coffee (Suga), Taehyung, Cuddles (Jimin) Angst: Dear Hoseok, Punishment And now I tag people! @mrsjeon @AimeeH @MrsJungHoseok @SofiaFifi @UnnieCakesAli @HerosBells @igotswag @ParkHwaYoung @CindyHolguin @SugaMint @Eliortiz13 @maddiedo @Ain1011 @GreciaFlores @ValerieAlissaPa
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