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OMG!!!!...I can't believe this!!!! Did he just... show us "Skin" x "Collarbone"...the one always wear 3....decided to go naked..on. TOP!! I am so dead!!!♡♡♡♡
This picture has already killed me 10x over. I'm writing this from the afterlife. What makes this even better is you can see the steamed up door in the background so he literally just walked out of the shower and took this...he is probably in nothing but a towel. Let that sink in.
I like how he can show literally just a shoulder and girls are dead. it's hilarious 😂😂
omg a collarbone and part of a shoulder he's such a tease
i know i saw this it was around 2 am and i accidentally kicked my sister and held my breath internally screaming and my ears popped she got mad af i just wanna dive and swin in his collarbones its like a pool i literally died im a ghost txting rn
I was pretty shocked seeing this on instagram earlier today.
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