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Monsta X Screenshot game!

Ahhh i haven't looked yet who i got! So excited Thank you @VatcheeAfandi99 for the tag.
Hyungwon.......You sneak out of no where.
Oh my garsh!!!
I love your nerdie shyness! No come back!
Ooohhh Jooheon! You give me chills boy!
Wonho!!! Yes! I say yes!
Wait you what!? I know you are a bad boy, but really?
Really!? Why do you keep poping out of nowhere?!
Jooheon!!!!!My bae! Yes
oohh that back though
POOL!!!!!! I has a pool!
Awe we're moo moo cows!
Oh mai garsh!!! PUPPIES!!!!!!
Two of us, and six of them? My kids are dogs and cats! Omg we get 6 puppies and kitties!!!
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