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Hello Vinglers!

I wanted to introduce myself properly since now that I actually think about it I've never introduced myself xD! I absolutely love Anime all types and new or old it doesn't matter because Anime is in my blood! As you guys can tell I am a big fan of Fairy Tail but I love many more animes too! I mainly go for the Romantic Comedies but Action will always be my number 1! Im glad I have met amazing people here on Vingle and cannot wait to meet more! Some of you may know already that new Moderators have been chosen for Q2 and @InVinsybll was chosen (again!) for the Japanese Anime Community! And has chosen @PRroxx05 @AtisutoMeru @tbell2 @hikaymm @gabemartin and Myself to be supporters! I can't wait to work with these amazing people to help make the Japanese Anime Community more amazing!
Do you have any sort of peppers (jalapeno, habanero) around your house? The chemical compound that makes them hot is called capsatian, and you body's immune system loves it. Eat one of those and you'll start up the white blood cell war machine.
@AimeBolanos Sorry if I have not noticed you before. I am a "Night Owl" (@hikaymm 's faction) and don't see the sun much. I am an anime nerd and gearhead at the same time.
@AimeBolanos Hello πŸ˜„ I'm the resident Harem Master, but you already know meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Congratulations once again Aime for being promoted to a supporter for Japanese anime!! You're my idol when it comes to vingle ^^ I hope one day I can be half as amazing as you are!!!!!
@AimeBolanos so true
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