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Here it is! Chapter Five. Hope you enjoy!
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Chapter Five
It only took a moment of watching her hesitate at the door to the car, rethinking his words, and then hers, before he realized how weird this was. He couldn’t help the face he made, and he put a hand out. “no, wait.” Realizing she’d already sat down, he grumbled softly and reached up, pushing his hood back, and pulling the facemask off. “I’m not a kidnapper. I’m just, I guess overly cautious.” She sat there, she was just staring at him and he couldn’t quite figure out what she was thinking. It drove him crazy, and he narrowed his eyes, watching her do whatever it was she was doing.
He could only sit on his hands for so long though and after a moment, he raised an eyebrow. “So… can we go or….” His voice trailed off. He didn’t want to be pushy but he also didn’t want to just sit in a car on a street in Seoul. He looked to her, wanting some sort of affirmation that it was alright for them to leave, or, he supposed if she was going to get out and run away screaming about how Choi Siwon had kidnapped her. That’d look really bad on a blog headline. Girl Kidnapped by Idol, Idol needs to be Idolized? He got stuck, running through the potential headlines, and was jolted from his reverie by a gasp from outside the still open door. A girl was standing there on the sidewalk, staring at him inside the car, her eyes half glossed over, and looked back and forth between Siwon and the new girl. Slowly, like in some slow-mo replay, he watched as the girl’s hand raised, phone clasped in her fingers, and she snapped a photo, the flash making Siwon blink, before he shook his head slightly, leaning over the new girl who was still just sitting there, and shutting the door, waving slightly to the girl on the sidewalk, and apologizing though the still open window for not having more time, before rolling up the window, and knocking on the window between the driver’s area and the back.
He leaned back in the seat as the car started moving, and he groaned in annoyance, rubbing his face. So much for a low profile, this was going to be everywhere… Why hadn’t he thought to close the door? It wasn’t like it had been a difficult thing to do. No, he stopped himself. He hadn’t wanted the new girl to feel trapped. Which, now she was. He looked at her through his fingers, dropping them as she looked back at him. He still couldn’t read her, and he was a little bit uncomfortable with it, wondering if she could read him. He raised an eyebrow, staring back at her. “So… you’re the new girl.” He shook his head. “Do you know who I am?” She nodded slowly. Well shit. That wasn’t what he wanted, though, he reasoned to himself, it would make sense that she knew him. He was famous. He hated sounding like that. Well I am famous. God sometimes he wished he weren’t. Though if he weren’t he wouldn’t get to do some really wonderful things, not to mention the good he did for others. He’d gotten wrapped up in his thoughts, and didn’t hear when she spoke for the first time. He heard noise and he turned back to her. “What was that?”
“So you DO live in my building?” He was confused by this, until she followed it up with her next statement. “I’m not going crazy then… Thank God.” Watching her was like watching snow melt in spring. It was slow, she started moving slightly, her words were quiet, but they were slowly growing in volume, and her hands were more animated as she spoke. It was the most curious and if Siwon was being honest with himself, it was one of the most interesting things he’d seen in a long time. He wondered what it would be like to be her friend, watching her talk like this all the time, and he quickly cut that thought off, he didn’t have the luxury of that. Not really. It was already bad enough that the girl on the street had snapped that picture. The picture. He put out a hand to stop her words. “Sorry… we may have a problem. I’m not going to be able to take you straight home.” He tapped on the window, whispering to the driver, and then turned back to her. “We have to go see my manager.” He winced slightly, expecting some sort of explosive response from her, but she shrugged.
“That might be a good thing, since you’ve been following me around all day.” His eyes widened and he couldn’t stop himself from staring at her.
“No… nope. That didn’t happen.” He looked away from her, shaking his head. “No, why would I have followed you anywhere… let alone buy you a sandwich.” He grumbled softly. He realized what he had said and looked slowly towards her, wondering if she had heard. Based on the look upon her face, he realized that she had and he let out a groan. “I just. I was interested in finding out what you were like to see what I’d have to do to get you to not talk about me. You’re like, twenty years younger than anyone else who lives at the complex and I don’t have to worry about them… but you.” He didn’t finish the sentence, instead continued with small grumbling noises as he looked out the window. They were almost to the office, and he was dreading going in there, but not because he’d have to explain the photo, but because he didn’t want to explain why he wasn’t returning their calls, or contacting them in any way. Was it really that inexplicable that he’d want a break after two years of military service? And sure, it’d been a few months since he got out, but something still wasn’t right, and Siwon wasn’t sure he could jump back into the lifestyle he’d left behind when he’d enlisted.
They pulled up to the tall building, and he quickly put his mask back on, pulling his hood over his head, poking her gently as she looked upwards. “You may want to use this…” He unwound the scarf from around his neck and passed it to her, since she didn’t have a hood or mask to hide herself. “Just in case there’s anyone outside the building.” He quickly got out as the driver opened the door, waiting as she got out. He lowered his face so he was looking at the ground, but grasped her hand, walking her quickly to the entrance, past the group of photographers, glad that he’d given her the scarf, so they weren’t able to really see her face. That’s just what he’d need. A scandal to bring him back to Idol-land. Entering the building, he took her to the elevator, and they rode in silence to the top floor, knocking on the office door, knowing that someone would be there for him to explain things with, to help him get this whole mess cleared up. He couldn’t help the grimace at the person who opened the door. This was going to be harder than he’d expected.
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