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Hi hi, Vingle fam. Err... I have no idea how 2 do these introduction things, but here I go, ig. I've been a Vingler 4 a couple months now. & I reeeaaalllllyyyy like it here. I love the ppl & communities here. U all r amazing. & um, I'm going 2 b a Supporter alongside 5 other of our great nakama & our good Mod in the Japanese Anime Community 2 keep on making this place the best. I'm rly excited! After meeting the ppl I'll b working with, I just know this quarter is going 2 b awesome. ^_^ uh... Yea, idk what else 2 say sooo... Let's have a great quarter guys! xP @tbell2 @AimeBolanos @PRroxx05 @hikaymm @gabemartin @InVinsybll
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Yay!!! You shoudl publish this to the anime comm so everyone else can see it too :P :P looking forward to working alongside you, friend!!!