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Actor Jo In Sung is currently in China to attend the 16th International Film Festival in Shanghai! Local fans gathered at the hotel to give the actor a warm welcome! Jo In Sung arrived, dressed in his casual white sneaker, black tee and sunglasses. As soon as he entered the lobby, there were loud cheers from fans! In return, Jo In Sung warmed fans' hearts with his manner fan service. The photos show him taking a fan's hand which was reaching towards him (d'awwww). How I wish I were that girl instead. :( Source:
What a sweet guy. Me too! Lol. Sorry, I haven't replied to anything yet, I've been super busy. Will get around to everything this week. :-D
@yinofyang get less busy soon! We need you on vingle haha!
@winterlovesong Awww, thanks Winter! ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v I will try! I'm trying to play catch up...omg, there's so many cards to rash. :D