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(i put cute things to help) so this is where you rant off your troubles and somebody else can give you advice or comfort Ill start:
at my school, me and my friends are the nobodies. just about no students or teachers like us. yeah sure, there are some teachers that do care and i love them for it, but 90% of the teachers dont notice us worth shit until we fuck up. we go to them with a problem, and they do jack shit, but when i handle it myself, they get pissed off at me, so i have to handle people getting on my goddamned nerves. and dont get me started on when we get in trouble. a popular kid can look the principal in the eye, flip him off, and get away with it, but if me or my friends say a single swear word, our parents get called. you wanna know the kicker? they cant seem to shut up about my school being a "safe" school and my school being "anti-bullying" its absolute bullshit..
your turn! if you want, leave your troubles down below, and i can try to help
I set fires to feel joy
hes a guy, im a girl, the bathroom part wont work
This kind of reminds me of when I was in middle school, and my best friend and I were kind of the weird skater girls in a town full of guidos and hip-hop kids (lol Jersey). These guys used to play football during recess and purposely try to hit us in the head with the football CONSTANTLY, and when we finally went to go complain to the vice principal, he gave us a lecture about how we are just facing retaliation for sticking out, and that when we adopt 'alternative' lifestyles by dying our hair weird colors or dressing differently than the other kids, it results in being targeted by society. Bruh, I'm literally 30 years old now, and I still have NO CLUE wtf that dude was smoking to tell that to two 12-year-old girls just because they wear band t-shirts. I think (if your school is anything like mine), you're in a really conservative environment with teachers who tend to side with the more straight-and-narrow kids rather than handling conflict objectively.
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