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Ok, ok!!!!! I know I've been slacking on posting chapter 3, but I thank you all for your patience. This week has not been good to me emotional wise, especially today, but I didn't want to prolong it any further. I hope you guys enjoy !!!!!!!
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You and your dad arrive where the wedding party was gathering. You see all the hard work that your wedding planner has put in to. You adore how the different colors of blue and white intertwine with each other. The light blue and white work wonderfully together as you thought. Just as you was going to try to sneak a peek inside the auditorium, you were stopped by the best man and his best friend, Taeyang. "So when is the baby shower going to be?" He asked. You giggled and smiled "I hope not for a few years!!!!" "Drats!!! I was hoping to be called uncle Tae soon. I'm glad your marring my best friend. I know that he's got the right person. "Do you really think so..."you ask. "I know so he replied confidently. Sometimes I wished it was me waiting for you at the end of the isle" "Taeyang", you softly say, stroking his cheek."If I could, I would rewind back time, but I know we wouldn't make it. I will always love you and have love for you. You truly became one of my best friends afterwards and without us ending, I wouldn't be standing here about to marry the love of my life." You look the other way, trying not to cry as the tears treating to fall down your face. Seeing your former love of so many years brought back both good and bad memories. You remember how on the first date how shy he was towards you and towards the end how it rained on both while at the park late at night. You also remember the horrible break up between you two, but with that bitter memory, you remember how Ji-Yong came and comfort you in your time of need. You were drawn out of your memories when a thumb was on your cheek wiping away a tear that fell. "Come on, y/n, don't cry. I'm sorry that I've gotten you like this." Taeyang pleaded with you. You turned to face him, with a small smile on your face, "I thought I was able to cry on my wedding day?" You both end up laughing, then you pulled him into a tight hug. You whisper in his ear, "No matter what happens, I will always love you and nothing can change that." You both withdrew from each other just when the wedding coordinator announced that it was time. You smiled at your best friend as you both walked to where everyone was lining up. Taeyang then leans over and whispers, "take care of my best friend". You looked over and whispered back that you will. With one final hug, he looks back and smiles and makes his way towards the front of the line. You nod your head to the coordinator to start. You hear the music that the bridal party is walking down to. The melody of Wedding Dress by Taeyang has your ears perk up. All the wonderful memories of you and Ji-Yong comes flooding to you. Your first date, your first fight, the day you met his parents and family, the night he proposed to you. Tears threatened to fall down again, but you fight back to hold them in. Your dad looks at you and smiled "It's okay to cry you know." But I don't want to cry while walking down the isle. What if you step on my dress???? What if I trip and fall?? What if he ends up calling off the wedding entirely???" I said while I felt my anxiety level rise up and felt myself going into a panic attack. "Relax baby girl. None of those things are going to happen. Everything will go smoothly as according to plan. Ji-Yong loves you too much to leave you. This part I do know. I know he cares about you too much to leave you. He told me this before I saw you earlier that meeting you was the best thing that has happened to him. You are the best thing to happen to him. Don't ever think of anything different." You hear silence knowing that it was time. Your dad looks at you and ask if you are ready. You take a deep breath and confidently said yes. You took your dad's arm and the doors open and you both take a step into the congregation and you lock eyes with the love of your life.