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Is it the connection we feel with someone, or is it their absence that makes us wonder? It is easy to make someone laugh and easier to make someone cry but it is not as easy to be remembered. Memories are special fragments of the people we love just as nightmares are the fragments of those who hurt us. Why do certain people remain in our memories and others dwell in our nightmares? Why are certain moments recalled with a smile that spreads to our eyes and other moments are buried deep in the corners of our hearts where we try to forget the pain it caused us? Why do some people turn into angels we long for even though we might never see them again and others turn into regrets? Some people are like seeds that grow in our souls and nurture us when we feel lonely. Others pull us down deeper every time and make us feel insignificant and forgotten. What makes us feel this way? Is it another human being and what that person has done to us? Is it some part inside of us that we are too afraid of showing to others and have learned to suppress so that we can portray something that everyone is happy with? Is this world we create just an illusion? Or is there some truth in our preconceived ideas? What is a human heart made of? What makes one soul long for another?
It's the yin and yang of things I say. The moments and people that bring us tears define those that bring us happiness. Otherwise there wouldn't be "good times" or "bad times", just "times". But that's the beauty of life. If we all went through experiencing only one emotion or type of person how tedious would that be? Our desire to be "whole" or to be the best version of us that we can be is what fuels our hearts reactions to people and their actions I think. Those that inspire and help us along that path, intentionally or not, imprints those warm feelings of happiness on our souls while those who's actions seem to drag us further from that goal instills a form of darkness on it. We can't choose how our heart reacts to people and certain stimuli but we can choose how we perceive it. We can let the dark times be just that, a fiery roadblock on the path of us becoming who we can ultimately be, or a fire we can use to forge a stronger "me" that can easier get to that end goal
i think you remember based on the pain ....when you talk about the heart you are talking about a place in your mind .....you can control it but its not easy and maybe its apart of how we work it out -how we are so wrong or lucky to have had some.my 2cents
The free will that was granted to us when we were created resides in the heart..The only part of us that we can not control...the heart has its own free will... and we can only feel it..not control it.
The best words I've read in a while. Sad but true. That's the reality. We can choose our actions but we cannot choose who we love and when we forget them. We just have to wait until the heart heals itself.