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The Ying Yang Twins "Wait" (Whisper Song) is one of those tracks even the most casual hip-hop fan has heard in passing.
It's not the first song in rotation at any party, but no one really complains when it comes on. I guess the same can be said of Bruno Mars "Uptown Funk."
Sadly, no one has ever played both songs in transition I have been at in my life. Ever a man of the people, Vine legend Electrolemon has heard the my cries and blessed us with an incredible mashup.
Ok, a bit much.. but it is still pretty cool. "Uptown Funk" is beloved by moms and grandpas. "The Whisper Song" is ratchet club excellence. Would it be okay if I played this mashup during happy hour at a Nursing home? I think, I may get a pass.
Anyway, enjoy the track by hitting this link.
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Omg, I'm sending this one to my friend who loves funny mash-ups.