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The seating charts have finally been announced!!!! Im happy about it since it helped me decide what ticket I will be getting hope to see a lot of IGOT7 there and make tons of friends!!
Who is going and are you excited??? Now Im just hoping to be able to get the ticket I want!!! Good luck to everyone.
Good luck everyone! I hold you get the ticket and seating you want!!!But must of all that you get to see GOT7!!! Tagging people who commented on my last card about GOT7 tour: @chenisbaekasy @lopleaf19 @Dabaesaplayer @ivyheart13 @IsoldaPazo if you want to be untagged let me know!
yes I'm so excited I plan on getting the most expensive ticket for Altanta.
I'm going to Dallas☆
I live 3 hours away from NYC and drove up there to see U-Kiss. But, I work on the Tuesday Got7 are in NYC. Of course. :/
hell yes guess whos spending 215 on a got7 ticket
@VeronicaArtino I have the money, im just praying that i have the skills to get those tickets lol
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