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1. Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster - BTS i mean just look at those dimples when he smiles!
2. Kim Taehyung aka V - BTS I can't....It's Taehyung he's awesome!!
3. Min Yoongi aka Suga - BTS I can not wait for his mix tape. love the rap line. okay so he might be my current favorite member.
4. J-Hope His smile is contagious. i mean seriously come on.
5. Jimin - BTS Jimin is awesome!
6. Jungkook - BTS Jungkook is so cute.
7. Jin - BTS I think he deserves more credit.
Suga is my top bias and Jimin is my #2 ❤✨
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@minimanim3 mine changes all the time currently Yoongi though.
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I have a bias, but not for long.... Take is fighting Yoongi so hard.
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