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"Well after today, the world is going to know about us" "BTS? You're already know babe." "No you and I. I told my boss that I didn't want to hide it anymore." "What!?" "He said it was fine as long as you were ok with it since your life will change after its announced." "Your sure about this?" "Yes I want to be able to defend you to anyone and not feel like I have to come up with a lie to do so. If everyone knows then I don't need to say anything besides that your my girlfriend and I want to protect you." "If your sure then I'm sure" "Will you be able to handle the negative comments people like to throw out?" "I can handle it as long as I'm with you." "Ok good. This means our year anniversary we can actually do whatever we want and not hide." He smiled. "Wow it's almost been a year hasn't it?" "Well it's been a year since we met that one fateful day but officially dating it's 2 weeks away." "Yea although at the time I was so pissed at you for stopping me but I'm so glad you did." We finished our drinks and talked about plans for out anniversary. Then we headed back to my place. We watched a movie and did some other things and this time I made sure my blinds were closed. The next morning came and we were woken up by his phone going crazy. I rolled over and grabbed his phone. "It's Namjoon." I said to Jhope "Go ahead and answer it." He said rolling over to get comfortable again. "Hello" I said into the phone. "(Y/n) why are you answering Hoseok's phone?" "He's sleeping. What's up?" "Put the phone to his ear please." "Ok" I did what I was asked. After a few seconds Jhope shot up grabbing the phone from my hand and walking to the living room and turning on the tv. I was following closely since I was a little worried. "J-Hope of BTS is dating someone? These photos can't lie can they? One of our reporters was shopping yesterday when they saw this going on in a shoe store.' It went to a clip of when I took his mask off and he took mine off and we kissed. "We will be going live to bighit for a conference on this matter." It cut away to a room at bighit. "We were going to announce this today but since photos and videos have already been leaked, yes J-hope is dating someone. The girl in the video and pictures had been his girlfriend for a while now and the both of them have decided that keeping it a secret would effect more than just them. So please support Jhope and our decision." "Well there you have it I know many hearts have been crushed today but we should all be supportive of this couple." He shut off the tv. "I'm sorry it happened faster than I thought?" "Man news about you guys spreads fast." I laughed. "Are you ok?" He turned to look at me and I laughed. "What!?" He stepped forward. "You're still naked!" "Oh so are you." He walked towards me. "Oh yea I better go get dressed." I turned and took off back to the bedroom laughing. "Ha good luck with that!" He said following me. Later in the afternoon we had decided it was time to head over to bighit and see how everyone was doing. When we arrived there were alot of reporters. So he called someone and we snuck in through the back. "Are you really ready for this?" Jhope asked. "Yea, plus there is no going back now." I smiled grabbing his hand. After seeing that everyone was ok they started practicing. I was excited to watch them practice. After an hour they took a break and got water. I stayed in the room and so did Jimin. "(Y/n) are you sure you're ok with this?" "Yes." "But I think it is going to be hard on you." "Jimin thanks for the concern but I can get through this....I have Hobi and as long as he loves me I will continue to get stronger so he doesn't become weak due to me." "(Y/n) if you ever feel it's too much and don't want to talk to Hoseok you can always come to me. I don't want either of you to get hurt over this." I looked Jimin in the eyes. I could tell he was worried. "Ok." I smiled he really is a great friend to Hoseok. Then the door flew open and he walked in and came up to me and pressed his lips to mine hard. After a few seconds he pulled away. "What was that for?" I asked looking down. "I just want you to know how much I love you." I looked up at him and saw he was smiling. I started blushing. "You know you need to stop that." I said looking back down at my feet. "What?" "Being so freaking cute." I laughed and he put his finger under my chin and pulled my face back up to look at him. "I'll stop when you stop." "Awww the two lovebirds are just so cute!" V said causing everyone to laugh. "Let's get through this together!" Jin said "Yea well make sure nothing can break you two apart" Namjoon said and we all got quiet and looked at him. "What?" He said with a look of confusion. "That means you as well right? God of destruction" Suga said causing us all to start laughing. After a few more minutes then they went back to practicing. I really wonder what is in store for me and J-hope. I know one thing is sure life would get interesting from this point on.
J-Swag!!!! So what do you think? I'm thinking not much can happen now right?????
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I'm worried for her, I mean I'm worried for both of them, but mostly her because of those crazy fans🙁
please come out with a part 15! if you decide not to, thank you for this wonderful story!
oh bruh... much more can happen... so much more. you can take this wherever you want! what about that Jerry person?? what's his face... if you do decide to bring him back, please don't let him break them up.... :(((((
So cute ❤
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