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Smart & Fun! At last, the beta version of Vingle iOS! Vingle for iPhone : Vingle for Android : Take your interests and so much more on the go. What is in the Vingle application? *Feed Vinglers, meet your personalized magazine on your mobile too! Easily discover collections, enjoy from a diverse, lively and portable feed on the go. Be closer to the things you love! *Clip ‘Clipping’ feature is more fun through mobile. Clip and make Vingle a part of your daily life. That new hairstyle you always wanted to try, clip it, show it, cut it. That place you always wanted to visit, clip it, book it, enjoy it. *Alerts Communicate with fellow Vinglers — whenever, wherever! Check your likes, followers, comments and talk to them on the spot. *Parties Did you know Vingle has more than 2000 dynamic parties? Check out the newest cards from the Interest Communities you joined without delay. *Explore “Explore” with Vingle — join Interest Communities through our freshly launched Vingle application. Install the beta version of Vingle application now!
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lova itttttttttt the layout is so purtyyyyyy!!!
5 years ago·Reply
I love it! Thank you, Vingle!
5 years ago·Reply
love it
4 years ago·Reply
i love the app
4 years ago·Reply
my iphone just got a great update
4 years ago·Reply