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Who is your favorite Gene and why?
Shin Won Ho!!! He has been and will always be the only gene for me!
I am pretty sure if you listen close you can hear a harp when he smiles. (think Disney prince, you'll get the joke)
Not naming names but SOME people,you know who you are, would say he is evil. But I says be is a precious goofball with an attitude problem. LOL hey,that sounds like me .
Any guy that looks this good in cat ears is awesome! Don't ask lol but if you really want to know go ahead .
I love how he can go from, "Awww look at him he is so adorable !" to "WAIT! NO! STOP! I WASN'T READY! YOU SHOULD COME WITH A WARNING SIGN!" the next. BTW the last pic was the very first pic I ever saw of Shin.
He is also a really good actor. Three definite shows to check out are Bachelor's Vegetable Store, Big and Secret Message(yes the show with T.O.P) Bachelor's Vegetable Store was my favorite. He is adorable in it. And him saying noona, omg I would die and then comes back and give him whatever he wanted if he called me noona like he does in that show. His character is Big is great. His attitude kills me. Too funny! And he speaks the most adorable English, quite well I might add.
So who is YOUR favorite Gene? I would love to know! Tag me in a card if you make one.
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Bonus!!! A little fan service!!! I swear that wink of his is on a timer! Don't believe me?! Watch a few Cross Gene live performances. I especially like his wink in live versions of Hey You, Noonah . ( I know noona is Romanized different than most of us are use to but that is what it says on the cd)
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Okay, no wonder you bias Shin if THAT is the first picture you saw! What the heck, breaking hearts left and right. I can already call who your wrecker is :)
@baileykayleen ♡♡ I have a good idea too!
@baileykayleen IKR! Who do you think it is? And why do you think you know?
@Tigerlily84 Yongseok, because he is a beautiful evil man, and you like the evil ones (AKA Shin). :)
@baileykayleen LMAO😻😹😹