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Scientists came up with an intersection model that would eliminate traffic lights. Go to the Flipboard page and watch the video. If you ever been to Mumbai, or just saw one of the video clips about traffic in Mumbai, you will find MIT's demo very familiar. And then read some of the comments in the Flipboard page, and you will understand why in the west, it will require automated cars. http://flip.it/XQxhb
Perhaps self-driving public transit will be the future!
I think the main reason why traffic here is so bad is because there's just too many cars on the road. If we had better public transit I think that would resolve a major part of the issue!
Hm, this is interesting. I was going to say that traffic accidents might increase, but if we're talking about self-driving cars, then that'll be different. This is definitely cool. I hope in the near future we'll all be able to afford self-driving cars. (I definitely want one!)